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Rapes on the planet of the porn industry are not real violations, they are scenes of struggle, sexual tension and lust. Most rape porn videos show the power that a man (or a woman in the case of lesbianism) can have over a porn actress.

It is just a fantasy recreated to excite us and not so that we realize it with a real woman from the street or acquaintance.

What does the rape porn scenes we like so much? We do not accept situations of sexual abuse in real life, but why do we like to see how they force a woman to have sex with a dominant man? Anyway, in 3pornarchive we show you countless videos of “violations” in Full HD quality and completely free so that you can enjoy them when you are calm in your home.

Simulated rapes to fuck better

Among our many XXX videos of violations you will be able to find from the most classic; girls being forced to lick a man’s cock, rapists who enter a house to steal and take advantage of sex with the owner of the house or girls who are abducted and forced to fornicate in the tourism of a sexual degenerate.

Now there are videos with twist violations; women raping women with a pollero harness, anally deflowering harmless girls or sets of men taking advantage of drunk women. And it is that a violation translates into sex not allowed, that is, tries to recreate dark and unusual fantasies.

I do not affirm that you are some exits, but that watching rape porn is as normal as BDSM, while in the framework of the struggle there is some action and permission. In short, everything is acting. We recommend that you use this sexual practice to do it with your partner, you could both enjoy the sensation.

Many boys decide to put a porn camera and pretend to rape their partner who is sleeping in their bed. The two play a pretend role of rapist and rape. But pay attention since you should never put it into practice unless it is your partner and in a totally consented way, otherwise the violations are not porn, without a crime.